Hans Matti, owner of the Bugatti Suisse Club, has dedicated his life to completing one of the most exceptional Bugatti collections in the world. Now, after selling this model, the new owner of the collection decided to take these cars to visit the legendary Molsheim headquarters of the Bugatti brand.

The cars returned to Château Saint Jean in Molsheim, the house that Ettore Bugatti bought to entertain guests and clients. Still home to the brand today, classic cars have been photographed in the castle’s grounds alongside more modern Bugatti models of later times.

A refined collection built over decades, this lineup includes one-of-a-kind cars from the brand’s early days. Bearing the traces of racing, crashes and scraps from many years on the track, these cars are a testament to the history of motorsport as well as to the brand.

One of the stars of the collection is the Type 49 that was Jean Bugatti’s personal car and bears his initials on the door. With a body designed by himself, this is also the only car model still in existence with a Faux Cabriolet body. Next to it is the Type 51 Grand Prix car that was raced by Louis Chiron. As one of the first Type 51s, the car was equipped with the number 1 engine and competed in Monaco, Monza, Targa Florio and many other prestigious races.

From the time it left the factory, the Type 51 was basically built on the Type 35B chassis equipped with a new engine. This car has had its old engine removed to become the car it is today. Meanwhile, that older engine was placed by Bugatti in a different chassis and sold as a new car. That same Type 35B is also included in this collection.

This Type 35A has a uniquely swapped engine block. The car was equipped with a turbocharged engine from one of the two Type 36s that existed (and were later destroyed). These are believed to be the earliest supercharged Bugattis ever, and this converted Type 35A is the only one in the world to have one of these engines. Finally, the collection also includes the Type 37A car model.

Christophe Piochon, president of Bugatti, said: “We are a brand that constantly seeks inspiration from our founder with his genius mind. This car collection and the stories gathered around the cars are absolutely priceless and we are honored to welcome them to the home of Bugatti Automobiles. As we look forward to a new era for Bugatti, it is pioneering cars like this that will be our inspiration.”


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