Hermes’ Arceau Le temps Suspendu line has a sophisticated design, can stop working for several weeks when pressing the button on the side, priced at 19,350 USD

Le temps Suspendu belongs to Hermes’ Arceau collection, popular with gentlemen thanks to its blend of classic looks with modern spirit.

Temps Suspendu means “stop time”, there is no second hand like many other watches. Just press the small button on the side of number 9, the machine immediately “freezes”, standing still at that exact moment. Accordingly, the date hand is hidden behind the semicircular screen, while the hour and minute hands rotate to the number 12.

​This timekeeping apparatus can stop working for a few hours, days or even weeks, but the pendulum still works and counts the hours. When pressing the small button at number 9 again, the machine will return the actual time, the user does not need to make any further adjustments. This is one of the unique features that made the Temps Suspendu line win the Men’s Watch award at the 2011 Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève – considered the Oscars of watchmaking.

Arceau Le Temps Suspendu has a sophisticated look with random numbers and lines. The time adjustment dial is designed on the side of number 2, instead of the traditional number 3.

The design is 43 mm in diameter, 8 mm thick, and the bottom has a herringbone pattern. The dial is silver opaline, the hands, bezel and case are made of stainless steel. Sapphire glass material increases scratch resistance. Strap made from crocodile leather.

On the back, the manufacturer engraved the brand logo.Metal clasp engraved with Hermes name. Inside is an automatic mechanical movement with a special suspension time module. The watch is water resistant to a depth of 30 m. Price on the manufacturer’s homepage is 19,350 USD

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