Admirers can admire Vacheron Constantin’s series of iconic women’s watches from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Vacheron Constantin’s iconic watch exhibition took place at the showroom in Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi. The historic manufacturer introduces a women’s model with a gold lid, intricately engraved, bearing the mark of the Art Nouveau art school, launched in 1897. The design has been preserved intact after more than 120 years. , including the attached brooch.

Another dress watch model launched in 1901, made of 18K gold, engraved with embossed enamel irises and studded with diamonds. This design won first prize at the exhibition in Milan, Italy in 1906.

The free spirit of the 1910s urged skilled craftsmen to continuously explore new ideas and shapes for women’s watches. Vacheron Constantin pioneered bold oval designs, typically in white gold.

By the second half of the 1920s, pendant watches as designed bearing the reference number Ref. Inv. 11905 becomes more fashionable than the wristband line, easily coordinated with a gorgeous evening dress. The design applies contemporary technology on a motif from ancient times, attracting attention with a platinum diamond socket, creating an overall look like a large pear-shaped gemstone.

The trap door mechanism was popular in the early 20th century, creating “hidden” watches that attracted collectors. Vacheron Constantin has crafted special orders, including for Princess Infanta Beatriz of Spain in 1931. The folding gesture hides the dial on the Ref. 10658 made for Mauboussin France with a gold case, designed by Verger Frères.

The clasp with the click mechanism was a new invention, leading the way for clasp wristwatches. Model Ref. Inv. 10770 from 1930 made from three different gold materials, shaped like a piece of jewelry but with a watch attached. Many fashionable ladies at that time were fascinated with time-measuring machines like large, dynamic bracelets.

Vacheron Constantin’s 1947 manchette design represents the search for a separate language for wristwatches separate from jewelry. This was an interesting challenge for manufacturers in the 20th century. The cover detail allowed the dial to be hidden on the chain strap so that the female owner could discreetly see the time.

Ref. wristwatch. Inv. 10474 launched in 1967, rectangular in 18K rose gold, pressing the winding crown detail at the bottom of the case. The fancy 18K gold hinged bracelet-like strap is marked with a thread-tie design.

The models on display all bear the typical aesthetic mark of Vacheron Constantin – a brand loved by many stars and celebrities. Princess Diana, legendary Elizabeth Taylor or actress Kate Bosworth are on this list.

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