What Causes a Mechanical Watch to Run Fast and How to Fix It

Solve the problem of mechanical watches running fast
Mechanical watches run quickly due to temperature effects
Cause: Usually do not pay attention to operating temperature limits when buying watches, however, this is very important, especially when living in harsh conditions.

Each mechanical watch is designed with different temperature limits depending on the manufacturer. To ensure best performance, mechanical watches are usually suitable at around 5-35 degrees Celsius. However, if the temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius, the internal mechanism may have problems and the watch may run quickly. than expected. This may cause damage and affect the performance of the watch. Therefore, be careful and adhere to temperature limits to protect your mechanical watch.

Use specialized meters for special environments

Solution: If your living environment requires it, use specialized mechanical watch models. Under the influence of normal environments, the watch’s error is insignificant. To fix the problem of a clock running fast, at night, tilt the clock so that the crown is facing down. If the condition still does not improve, tilt the watch so that the crown is facing up, the watch will run slower.

Mechanical watches run fast as a result of magnetic field effects
Cause: Magnetic fields are always the biggest threat to electronic devices, including mechanical watches. When placing the watch near devices that emit strong electromagnetic waves such as televisions, refrigerators, radios, or even refrigerator doors and bags with magnetic locks, the watch will be magnetized.

Solution: To prevent a mechanical watch from running fast, place it away from devices with strong magnetic fields as mentioned above. If your watch is magnetized, take it to a warranty center or reputable repair facility for treatment.

A mechanical watch running fast is the result of over-winding the mainspring
The main cause is due to excessive winding or lack of barrel oil. This phenomenon often occurs in mechanical watches in the low to mid-range segment. Mechanical watches operate and count time thanks to the mainspring, and when the mainspring is too tight, the gears will rotate faster than usual. To solve this problem, it is necessary to adjust the amount of barrel and ensure there is enough oil in the barrel.

Excessive ticking causes the watch to run quickly

Solution: The problem of a fast mechanical watch can be solved simply by adjusting the mainspring and applying more oil. However, because of the tampering with the watch’s internal mechanism, it is recommended to take the watch to a trusted repair facility to resolve this issue.

Component error
The cause of a mechanical watch running fast often comes from internal component errors. Mechanical watches consist of hundreds of small parts, just one faulty part can cause the watch to not work correctly. Usually, these errors are caused by the manufacturer.

Component errors are mostly due to the manufacturer

The way to fix the problem of a mechanical watch running quickly is to immediately bring the product to the store for inspection and request warranty if there are component errors.

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Instructions on how to adjust a mechanical watch to run as fast as desired
Adjust the time to turn on the machine
Step 1: Remove the watch strap from the face for easy operation.

Step 2: Remove the back cover and find the spring wheel part.

Step 3: Find the lever bar with two dots (or bars on top) on the outside with a smaller size.

Step 4: If you want the clock to run faster, gently slide the bar above counterclockwise. If you want the clock to run slower, gently slide the bar above in a clockwise direction.

Step 5: Finish by closing the back cover and cleaning the watch.

Adjust the clock time without turning on the device
When having a mechanical watch running fast, users can adjust the watch by tilting it so that the crown is facing down. If the problem is still not resolved, tilt the watch with the crown facing up.

When the mechanical watch runs fast, the user needs to remove the watch and lay it on its back with the glass facing up. If after these operations, the watch still does not operate stably, users should find ways to adjust the time the watch turns on.

The location of the clock can help the clock run properly again

Note when adjusting time for mechanical watches
After performing repairs on your mechanical watch, you should wear it continuously for 3-4 days (except when you sleep). This will help the watch quickly restore stability.

Please place the watch in a dry place, avoid impact and avoid placing it near electronic devices.

If you don’t use your watch often, buy a rotating case to store it. This will help ensure your watch always has enough power to operate.

Hopefully through this article, you will be able to adjust your mechanical watch so that it runs more evenly and stably.

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