Patek Philippe watches are considered the crown jewels of Swiss watchmaking, in terms of history, innovation, craftsmanship and prestige. After more than 175 years of establishment, the Patek Philippe watch brand has always been at the forefront of the luxury watch world based on quality, craftsmanship, prestige and has become one of the most appreciated watch manufacturing brands. highest in the world. Patek’s annual calendar wristwatches are considered very useful in a mechanical watch.

What is an annual calendar watch?
Annual, also known by its full name, is Annual Calendar. This concept refers to the annual or annual calendar function (including day, date and month) displayed on the calendar. watch dial.

Annual Calendar is one of the extremely complex and advanced functions on a wristwatch. They can automatically adjust the date, month, and year calendar functions to suit the months of the year, including months with 30 or 31 days, except February and leap years.

The annual calendar is known as one of the two greatest functions created by mankind for a wristwatch and is second only to the Perpetual Calendar function.

History of the Patek Philippe annual calendar watch?
In the spring of 1996 at the Basel fair, Patek Philippe created some stir in the world of high-end watchmaking by launching a new complication – the Annual Calendar. For the first time, the watchmaking industry saw the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5035 watch.


Not long after that, the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5035 watch was honored with the title “Watch of the Year” by the Swiss magazine Montres Passion. The jury agreed that not only was it of a high aesthetic and technical standard, but the Annual Calendar mechanism also provided a complication that was considered “useful”. Easy to use and completely new to the watchmaking industry.

In the years that followed, the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar watch continued to integrate and president Philippe Stern continuously released many versions with different designs to serve from men to women.

The annual calendar is sought after not only by watch lovers but also by famous collectors who love the new movement with its aesthetic and elegant beauty.

Outstanding Patek Philippe annual calendar watches.
Patek Philippe’s Annual Calendar watches are not only attractive because of their elegant appearance, but above all at the time of launch, they are really useful with their inherent features. Maybe in modern times, viewing the day, date, and month is too simple due to the support of many modern technologies, but it is clear that the appearance of the Annual Calendar watch line in 1996 brought Patek Philippe’s reputation to the fore. going further, is considered a revolutionary change of time taking place in the world of mechanical watchmaking.

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