This article is about the discoveries that were made in Mexico in 1968, and the implications that it has for alien life. It also talks about new discoveries made by NASA that also support the idea of alien life on Earth. The existence of bizarre artifacts in Mexico has led to the possibility that aliens existed on Earth. These artifacts were found by an expedition that had gone to explore the ancient Mayan ruins.

The first strange monument they discovered was a giant, nightmarish three-faced statue from Mesoamerica’s Olmec era. It’s not clear what it symbolizes or who created it. The visitors also found a metal plaque with a relief of a man in an Aztec-style dress and an inscription in indecipherable glyphs.

Giant sculptures, or artifacts as they are called, were discovered in Mexico in 1968. This discovery caused a stir because they looked so different from what we were used to seeing. These sculptures had a mixture of figurines and hieroglyphs which looked like they belonged to a different era altogether.

The implication is that these sculptures were not made by humans since it took them long enough to make their own pieces but these ones seemed to be older than humans even existed! What would creatures who are able to use tools and make the technology like this want with us? Another implication is that aliens have been on earth for a long time before humans came around and invented such things as writing or drawing.

The recent discovery by radar has also confirmed the presence of various structures beneath the ground. The discovery was one of many obstacles that would be overcome in order to understand a much larger secret. Eventually, it was found that these were actually ancient earth-like sculptures and items used by an unknown species before humans were even developed to make them.

The Mexican government shared some items found during diggings, which experts think show linking between alien species and Maya civilization.

There has always been this question that everyone has in mind, which is, “where are all the aliens?” This question has been at the center of the Fermi Paradox. This paradox seeks to answer the question regarding the whereabouts of aliens.

The idea began when the solar system gets compared to other universes, which are billion years old. At that time, many think aliens had already visited Earth.

According to Michael Hart, the writer of the article “An explanation for the absence of extraterrestrials on Earth,” aliens could have visited our planet somehow in history. However, the lack of visits was because of the lack of smart aliens.

Hard explained that aliens didn’t come due to physical difficulty, making travel infeasible. Another point is that the advanced civilizations outside our planet have evolved too late, making it harder for aliens to reach us. Moreover, we could not observe aliens if they had visited our planet before.

On the other hand, scientists discovered the first exoplanet a few years later, and it was like a sunlike star. Now, strange artifacts were showing in Mexico, which justifies scientists’ theories about the probability of aliens.

The first artifact displays the art of four characters with the signature shape of an alien’s eyes. One is seated behind the king’s throne, while the two offer some items to the king. The sketch was engraved on a wide stone.

The second artifact is also on a bigger stone and distinctly displays aliens dressed in Egyptian-like clothes. There were also other symbols sketched, aside from three characters. There are shapes and weird symbols, which others think were letters understood by extraterrestrials.

The last artifact is a distinct sculpture of a mother alien wearing a headdress like Egyptian rulers. The sculpture of this mother alien carries two children. The distinct alien eyes that everyone recognized caught the rest’s attention.

The battle of belief is ongoing, whether aliens are real or hoaxes. Some people are still not contented with discoveries, while others already believe in their existence. What do you think? Do these findings justify their existence?

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