In the rugged terrain of gold country, Parker Schnabel and his dedicated crew have forged a tight-knit bond over four years of relentless work. Through the trials and triumphs, they’ve honed their skills and overcome challenges, all in pursuit of the glittering treasure buried beneath the earth.

Parker and his crew have been working together for four years, facing challenges but mostly enjoying their work.

Parker wants to move the plant in time for the night shift, which requires quick and efficient teamwork.

There’s a setback when one of the pontoons gets dug in, causing the wash plant to become uneven.

Shane and Tai are tasked with getting the wash plant onto a new pad before the night shift, which they manage to accomplish despite time constraints.

Despite some challenges, the week’s gold yield is impressive: Big Red’s output is worth $625,000, and Slucifer’s is worth $590,000, totaling over $1.2 million, Parker’s highest weekly total ever.

As the sun sets on another grueling week, Parker Schnabel’s gamble on swift plant movements pays off in a spectacular fashion. With over $1.2 million worth of gold extracted in just one week, it’s a testament to the resilience and expertise of his team. As they reflect on their accomplishments, it’s clear that for Parker and his crew, the pursuit of gold is not just a job, but a relentless passion driving them forward into the heart of the wilderness.


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