812 Competizione is known as the latest Ferrari Limited series and this model is the intersection of street cars from Maranello with experience gained from racing over more than 70 years. From its long heritage in the field of racing with many outstanding achievements, the Italian car brand has the ideas, data as well as experience to be able to develop impressive supercar models, Typically one of the top V12 models 812 Competizione.

At the time of launch, the car had conquered the famous Fiorano racetrack and when launched in North America, the car also had the opportunity to show off its capabilities at Indianapolis. Recently, this high-performance supercar was present at a private event taking place at Palmer Motorsports Park. This racetrack is built on a hilltop in the woods of Massachusetts and was built in 2015.

This street racing car has gone through 14 laps, each lap is about 3.7 kilometers long and has many dangerous turns. The first half of the circuit is built and designed by climbing the winding hillside while the second half is marked by corners that recall the beautiful turns of the Laguna Seca circuit. The team behind the wheel of this supercar operated the 812 Competizione when the track only had a few staff on duty to manage assets.

Right from the start, this supercar was pushed up to the maximum rpm limit of 9,500 rpm. The vehicle’s acceleration ability is continuously tested, from slow acceleration to sudden acceleration, thereby helping to fully exploit the potential of the Italian supercar. The 812 Competizione is equipped with the highest V12 engine on the automotive market and is derived from the award-winning engine equipped on the 812 Superfast.

This version is still equipped with a 6.5-liter V12 engine and has been tweaked to reach a capacity of up to 818 horsepower and optimize engine dynamics as well as reduce internal friction. With these tweaks, the number of revolutions is now 9,500 rpm, along with the ability to distribute maximum torque, thereby bringing a feeling of acceleration and power that is significantly more impressive than the 812 Superfast version. .

To achieve this, Ferrari’s development design team meticulously redesigned key engine components such as the connecting rods, pistons, crankshaft and distributors. The titanium struts on the 812 Competizione are 40% lighter than steel stacks while maintaining comparable stiffness.

Additionally, the piston pins have been coated with diamond-like carbon (DLC) to reduce the coefficient of friction which benefits performance, fuel consumption and wear. These modifications are combined with a rebalanced crankshaft that is 3% lighter than the previous version. The 812 Competizione is equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, which helps bring a new gearshift feel to the V12 engine.

The car is also equipped with Ferrari’s latest anti-slip control system version 7.0, an independent rear wheel steering system with a new electronic management system that allows the right and left transmissions to be operated separately. Comes with a set of custom Michelin Cup 2 R tires, a full carbon fiber wheel system and more. According to Ferrari, the team cut the weight of the 812 Competizione by about 38 kg compared to the Superfast, thereby achieving a dry weight of 1,487 kg thanks to new materials and components used in the powertrain and gearbox. running, and vehicle body.

Even though it was released just a week ago, all of these limited edition cars have soon found their owners. Accordingly, the limited production quantity for each model announced by Ferrari is 999 812 Competizione units will be produced and only 599 Competizione A units will be shipped.

With an impressively different design, the 812 Competizione and Competizione A soon attracted attention from a large number of car enthusiasts around the world. Enrico Galliera, Marketing and Commercial Director of Ferrari also revealed the selling price for these two super products: For the 812 Competizione coupe version, customers will have to spend 499,000 Euro (selling price calculated at the market). Italy) and if customers want to own the 812 Competizione A convertible version, they will have to pay from about 578,000 Euro.

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