The world is full of bravery and pride of men
Ford v Ferrari not only brings us back to the legendary clash between the two tycoons of the car industry but also opens up a world filled with the bravery and pride of men.

From Henry Ford II, Enzo Ferrari to Carroll Shelby, Ken Miles all showed the audience their own identities and temperaments.

Henry Ford II, a son who inherited the family and carried the burden of restoring the empire, was also excited when he witnessed three Ford cars together reaching the finish line of the 24-hour Le Mans racetrack.

The temperament of “The Godfather” Enzo Ferrari even though he only has a few places to act

Although Enzo Ferrari had less acting space, he also exuded the aura of a “Godfather”, a noble president willing to stand in the scorching heat to witness every second of the race. This is suffocating.

Then came Carroll Shelby, a great racer who now took on the responsibility of bringing victory to Ford, trying to fight and persuade endlessly to make Ken Miles the main racer for the car he created.

Perhaps the scene in which Carroll Shelby refused a phone call from vice president Lee Iacocca showed us the bravery of this man. His desire to win and defend his honor made him dare to fight against even someone as powerful as Lee Iacocca.

Shelby twice convinced Henry Ford II to make Ken Miles his main driver

And the main character of the movie, Ken Miles, is a somewhat eccentric person but has a straightforward and straightforward personality, daring to quarrel with anyone from the organizers, his associates, to the car company that pays him. me.

For him, speed is life, and being able to sit behind the wheel is something he has longed for all his life. Then the day he participated in the Le Mans racetrack was also the moment his dream came true.

Ford v Ferrari showed us the beautiful friendship between Shelby and Ken Miles

Behind Ken Miles’s successes there is the support of his friend Carroll Shelby, the comfort of a wife who always cheers him on no matter what happens, and a son who every day nurtures his dream of becoming a a great racer like he was.

Factors that created the resounding success of Ford v Ferrari
One thing that makes the movie attractive is probably the great friendship between Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles.

Between them it is not always smooth and peaceful, there are times when they have to use force. They have arguments and disagreements, but in the end, a beautiful friendship will stay together until the last moment.

Ken Miles confides in his beloved son

The success of Ford v Ferrari comes from the harmonious combination of content and filmmaking art. The script is built in detail about the techniques involved in building the GT40 car and the ups and downs process to bring it into the history books as it is today.

The work has limited use of special effects to ensure the authenticity of the film. The film crew invested in building a racetrack setting and skillfully chose the filming angle to suit the atmosphere of a real race.

Scenes shot with a perspective close to the road surface evoked excitement, suspense and the feeling like they were participating in the race that day.

The presence of two veteran actors Matt Damon and Christian Bale pushed the main character’s emotions to a climax. Matt Damon successfully transformed into Carroll Shelby, a multi-talented person and especially able to persuade others.

Ford v Ferrari is a worthy candidate for Oscar 2020

Christian Bale has once again proven that he is a “chameleon” when he can transform into a variety of roles and portray many emotions in the same character. He has shown us the demeanor of a genius who is different, careless but also full of affection and depth.

Perhaps no one could be Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles better than Matt Damon and Christian Bale.

Ford v Ferrari successfully recreated the historic meeting between Ford and Ferrari

The two of them brought us extremely realistic emotions and showed us their desire to conquer Le Mans, the overnight racetrack that every driver wants to try once in their life.

Thanks to these things, Ford v Ferrari successfully recreated the fierce atmosphere of the 1996 race and allowed those of us who did not have the opportunity to see it to admire the historic meeting between the two. The powerful empires of Ford and Ferrari.

Neel Jani, a Porsche racing driver and 2016 Le Mans champion, once shared:

“You can’t win Le Mans. Le Mans chooses its winner.”

There is no doubt that Ford v Ferrari is an excellent work and is considered a potential candidate for Oscar 2020. Let’s enjoy and wait to see if Ford v Ferrari wins the prestigious trophy. this or not!

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