Parker’s team is working on a second wash Plant, with the final piece of the puzzle being the connection of the water line at the wash Plant and the water pump. After three years of waiting, they are finally washing gold on Ken’s ground. Despite some initial concerns about the plant sliding off the bank, Parker manages to strengthen the pad with rock. The team also weighs the gold from Big Red and Slucifer, with Big Red producing gold worth nearly $240,000 and Slucifer worth nearly $197,000.

Parker’s plan to double down with a second wash plant

Tyson’s responsibility to connect the water line at the wash plant and water pump
– Need to ensure the new system works properly

Starting the washing process

– Pump sends 3,300 gallons of water per minute to the plant
– Parker and Shane prepare to wash rocks and load gold-rich pay dirt
– After 3 years, Parker’s crew finally starts finding gold on Ken’s ground

Challenges with water supply

Surprised by the amount of water available
– Tyson’s soft overburdened pad is being washed away
– Parker tries to prevent the wash plant from sliding off the bank
– Uses rock tailings to reinforce the bank of the pad

Risk of pad collapsing

Running the plant to get tailings increases the risk
– Parker shovels rocks to strengthen the pad
– Confident that the pad will hold

Weighing the gold

Parker, Mitch, Ken, and Tyson gather to weigh the gold from Big Red and Slucifer
– Excitement to see the results after waiting for so long
– Big Red’s gold is worth nearly $240,000
– Ken’s Promised Land yields gold worth $197,000

Earnings and progress

– Snoble crew has earned over $800,000 for the season
– Parker acknowledges that they should have more gold at this point
– Big Red and Slucifer are making progress, with 400 ounces of gold so far

Parker’s dream of expanding his mining empire

Parker is one step closer to his goal
– The season is heading in the right direction

Result: Parker Schnabel’s crew has earned over $800,000 for the season, with Big Red and Slucifer making significant progress in finding gold. Parker is one step closer to expanding his mining empire. NEXT

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