The crew of Tony’s trumel had to take the machine apart to access the damage. The trumel had been in the same location for over 10 years and had been damaged, with 80% of the wedges worn and all the welding cracked. Despite the damage, the crew was unable to fix the trumel before the end of the season due to insufficient time and welding expertise. The team also achieved a record 5,295 ounces of gold, bringing their total to $9 million, and the first $9 million season for the team.

Tony Beets’ crew dismantles the trumel to assess the damage

– Conveyor lifted out of the way
– Giant 40-ton barrel moved to the ground
– Inspection reveals cracked welds and wedges

Tony realizes they don’t have enough welders to fix the trumel before the end of the season

– Not enough time and manpower to complete the repairs
– Decision made to call it quits and focus on next season

Ruby and cousin Mike join the Beets for the final gold weigh of the season

– Tony questions their presence
– Ruby and Mike express their loyalty and commitment to the Beets family
– Last gold weigh completed

Tony gambles on a glory hole to reach his season goal

– Gold count begins
– Tony needs 400 ounces to hit a record 5,000 ounce season goal
– Kevin counts the gold and reaches 694.2 ounces worth $1.2 million
– Record gold target smashed, bringing the total to 5,295 ounces and a $9 million season

Tony plans to use the money for repairs on the trumel and a trip to Mexico

– Discussion about how to spend the money
– Decision made to invest in repairs and save the rest
– Excitement about the upcoming trip to Mexico
– Mike and Kevin reflect on their successful season and look forward to the trip
– Wrap up and end of the episode.

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