Showcasing a great design and being extremely customizable, the third generation connected watch signed by Louis Vuitton is a very luxurious high-tech product. With multiple glowing features, it will captivate tech enthusiasts, fashion enthusiasts and fashion enthusiasts.

There’s no beating around the bush: the new Tambour Horizon Light Up is a true aesthetic triumph. And its 44 mm case fits every wrist perfectly, no matter your size thanks to its highly flexible geometry. Louis Vuitton has completely reworked its connected watch to create this third generation. The new watch has a convex case shape… just like the original Tambour watch.

Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Horizon Light Up comes in three versions: polished steel, matte black PVD steel or matte brown.

The rounded shape of the case has soft lines highlighted by original detailing. Sapphire glass protects the touch screen with a curved edge that blends seamlessly into the case. Therefore, there is no bezel here. Instead, 24 LED lights create vivid effects for the Monogram ring. Those icons light up whenever the watch is activated and create a mesmerizing animation of colored lights. It’s magic!
But there’s another change on the outside: two rather discreet push buttons adorn the instrument. Besides the crown, those push buttons allow owners to access menus and control many functions.

Tambour Horizon Light Up, the path to endless customization
Without a doubt, customization was the watchword for the designers to create this new connected watch. The watch is available in eight display themes, and each theme can be set to 11 bold new color gradients. In other words, it’s a rainbow of colors. On the screen, the owner will find an exclusive animation inspired by the patterns and symbols of the brand’s legendary bags. The integrated watch face displays a second time zone, and Louis Vuitton’s mascot Vivienne appears on the dial. Last but not least, owners can display their initials in the color and font of their choice.

Staying true to Louis Vuitton’s signature code, the themed offering will see more versions throughout the year. Indeed, the creative ideas are endless: collaborations, creations inspired by fashion shows, seasons, Christmas, Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day…you name it .

The customization possibilities are endless on the Tambour Horizon Light Up: heartbeat, Louis Vuitton mascot, nod to Lunar New Year…

Polished steel version (from € 2,870), black or brown PVD steel (from € 3,450) … you can choose your favorite Tambour Horizon Light Up. You should also know that customizing this instrument is not just digital. In fact, the brand has doubled down on the possibilities by equipping the watch with a patented interchangeable strap system. For example, an additional strap in Monogram Eclipse canvas is worth €320.

An aesthetic and technological feat for Louis Vuitton
Additionally, the operating system is proprietary. The luxury brand wanted to develop its own system to deliver the most intuitive experience. Powered by Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor, the watch is compatible with iOs, Android and Harmony (Huawei). In fact, this operating system is the first, outside of the Apple ecosystem, to be “MFI” (for iPhone) certified.

In addition to the functions that all smartwatches have today, the Tambour Horizon Light Up also includes all Louis Vuitton applications. That means owners will benefit from the My Travel app (travel planning, 30 Louis Vuitton city guides) and the My Day app (heart rate, calendar, steps, weather and even air quality index). The watch also includes the new Louis Vuitton Connected status. It allows interaction with all Louis Vuitton connected objects (speakers, Bluetooth headphones…).
The final strength of the Tambour Horizon Light Up is its durability. Indeed, the brand announced that the majority of its parts – 80 to 90% – are repairable. The watch is also designed to last until 2030, maybe even 2035… it looks like programmed obsolescence is almost here!

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