The final version of the Lamborghini Huracan supercar line is optimized to still operate well when off the asphalt, something low-slung supercars are always afraid of.

Lamborghini recently released a video called “Beyond the Concrete”, showing completed images of the Huracan Sterrato model. This is a special version of the familiar Huracan line, but has been changed a lot to be able to… go off-road. Notably, the Huracan will still “rush” on non-tarmac terrain while still being a low-slung supercar and not having to become a high-slung SUV like the Urus.


Huracan Sterrato was first introduced in June 2019 as a concept graphic rendering. 5 months later, a real car was completed with many off-road “toys” and a few internationally famous car review reporters had the opportunity to test it. Positive feedback from that research helped Lamborghini confidently develop the Huracan Sterrato into a commercial product.

Compared to when it was a concept car, the Huracan Sterrato has been upgraded to the Huracan EVO style rear bumper, while the front bumper is refined from the Huracan Performante. The front of the car is equipped with 2 rows of LED lights, seemingly inspired by LED-bars commonly found on off-road SUVs. Aggressive 20-inch wheels set. The wide body design, roof rack and higher ground clearance than standard low-slung supercars are still highlights maintained from the original idea.

The Italian supercar company has not revealed more technical specifications of the car. Most likely, the Huracan Sterrato will still be equipped with a 5.2L naturally aspirated V10 engine. Its power specification was 610 horsepower when it was installed on the Huracan EVO RWD and was later upgraded to 640 horsepower on the EVO AWD, STO and Tecnica versions.

Besides, it is almost certain that the vehicle’s drive system will be AWD. Regarding off-road capabilities, of course no one expects that a supercar like this can “cross the forest and wade through streams” like a true high-clearance vehicle, even though the Huracan Sterrato has a higher ground clearance and is equipped with tires. thicker. The best the car can handle are trails and dirt roads at the “light off-road” level.

The Huracan Sterrato will be the last Huracan version before Lamborghini launches a replacement product line, expected in 2024 and can operate with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. From now until the end of 2022, the world has another major car event, the Paris Motor Show held in October, so if Lamborghini decides to participate, Sterrato may appear there.


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