For anyone passionate about the Bugatti brand, owning a handcrafted super sports car from the luxury brand from Molsheim Atelier, France is a lifelong dream. On the other hand, for some people, this is not enough and “buying” another Bugatti to their collection is not simply about buying a car but also about “turning” the car into a car. unique artistic masterpiece.

Bugatti Chiron habillé par Hermès is a car model created for a customer in the US – businessman and real estate investor Manny Khoshbin. This project of his “revived” the relationship between the two French brands, whose owners are Ettore Bugatti and Émile-Maurice Hermès, and laid the foundation for a new definition of luxury in the car industry.

Mr. Khoshbin shared: “I am a real Bugatti fan – I wanted to name my son “Ettore” but my wife did not agree. “When I first saw the Chiron in 2015, I was one of the first customers in the world to reserve a construction site, but one of the people who would later take one, but the reason for that That’s because of me. “The vision of businessman Khoshbin and his dedication to the Bugatti brand to inspire others by defying the limits of car design and creating a unique version.

After many years of working closely together in the creative process, Mr. Khoshbin received delivery of his unique “Chiron habillé par Hermès”. The development of this elegant and special Chiron will give the French luxury brand Hermès the opportunity to leave its mark on the Hypercar body with a complex and special application of colors, fabrics and finishes to complete the unique look that Mr. Khoshbin always wanted with a different concept.

The Chiron habillé par Hermès is a Hypercar that has been personalized in almost every aspect. Exterior colors, interior design, unique details were worked with great passion by the design and fabrication teams in Molsheim and Paris to transform the application of custom colors, fabrics and materials. become reality. The car’s exterior is painted ivory white, inspired by the distinguishable patent leather called ‘Craie’ that is famous for legendary handbags and other Hermès luxury goods. The color comes from the white powder that covers the complete exterior of this Chiron, different from the majority of Chirons in the world that are often finished in contrasting colors.

The Chiron’s signature 5-spoke dual-spoke wheels are also finished in Hermès Craie paint, the same color as the car. On this special edition, the car’s grille is also stylized, unlike any other Chiron. The car’s grille is specially designed with a Bespoke pattern taken from the motifs of the fashion brand Hermès. In addition, the Hermès “mark” also appears on the underside of the spoiler with the typical Hermès Courbettes horse motif. The rear of the car is also painted in Hermès Craie the same color as the car, giving the car a luxurious look typical of high-end Hermès bags.

Regarding the interior, Hermès has done a very good job. The car is equipped with special white leather interior from the Hermès fashion brand. On the monotonous white interior background is the Hermès Courbettes horse motif as on the exterior. In addition, the car’s interior is also decorated with the Hermès badge to prove that this is a “unique” car. Manny Khoshbin chose the Sky View glass roof option with two fixed glass panels above the driver and passenger seats. The interior is also upholstered with Ecru leather around the center console, dashboard and other parts of the interior combined with Craie’s glossy color on the Hypercar model. The floor carpet is finished in ‘Beige’ color.

The cooperation with Hermès to create masterpieces hand-made by Bugatti took place many years ago. Before World War I, Ettore Bugatti commissioned saddles and other leathers from Émile-Maurice Hermès – the grandson of founder Thierry Hermès – and the brand’s leathers later appeared on Bugatti racing cars in 1920s. In 2008, Bugatti paid tribute to its long-standing relationship with the fashion house by launching the Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès version with an extremely unique design.

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