AVI-8 is the brand that first caught my attention while wandering through the halls of Baselworld between appointments. Back then, I had never heard of this manufacturer before, but their watches had such intricate details that I was simply attracted to their booth. With a focus on historic military aviation, AVI-8 equips their watches with complications inspired by this. This combined with a fairly affordable price, the watch makes for a great entry into the world of watches for the beginner enthusiast or as an interesting addition to one’s collection. more seasoned collectors.

The Farley Hawker Harrier multi-role night sky , despite its rather long name, is a good example of this. It was named after Hawker Harrier test pilot John Farley, explaining the three words in its name. Night Sky refers to the color combination of the watch, with a dark case and bezel combined with a matching dial, strap and buckle. The word ‘Multi-Function’ refers to a combination of functions, including date, retrograde second time zone and 24-hour display. At 44mm in diameter, the AVI-8 makes a bold statement but it cleverly hides its size with a dark tone theme and attractive dial.

Since I am not an aviation expert, my knowledge of the Hawker Harrier does not extend beyond the fact that it can take off and land both horizontally and vertically. The dial is inspired by an airplane’s instrument panel and the amount of detail is astonishing. A frame surrounding the movement appears to be placed, giving it considerable depth. The screw gives the impression that this is how it is connected to the rest of the watch. Even though it’s not functional, it looks very interesting. The complications are placed as instruments on the dial. The date is done in a particularly nice way, highlighting the current date and showing some past and future dates via a semi-transparent insert on the dial. Even though the date wheel is quite deep, I found the date very clear and easy to read.

The same can be said about the retrograde display for the second time zone placed at six o’clock. Four faux screws and surrounding details create a graceful combination of form and function. I also like the 24-hour display at the 9 o’clock position, but given its size, it’s a little harder to read. The AVI-8 is also innovative, with red hands and details that stand out nicely against the monochrome background of the watch. I just wish they made the second hand a little longer, as I always like them touching the rails around the dial.

It’s no surprise that with the $250 price tag AVI-8 is asking for this Hawker Harrier, it’s equipped with a quartz movement. There are no thrills there, other than the precise time display, and the branding hides the movement behind a closed caseback bearing the model’s logo. That’s done with quite a bit of detail and has a pleasing depth, but not to the point of being uncomfortable on the skin. The strap is often where lower priced watches show their true colors, but not with this strap. The genuine leather strap is surprisingly durable thanks to its thickness and two-color stitching that matches the theme of the watch. Therefore, it appears to have been designed specifically for this watch rather than simply ordered from the supplier. The buckle is sturdy and matches the rest of the watch, including the detailed engraving of the AVI-8 logo. Themed packaging completes the experience, making the Farley Multifunction Hawker Harrier Night Sky quite an interesting product for you.

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