The pickup runs faster than the famous sports car despite towing a 911 behind.

Tesla just started delivering cars to customers in the US on November 30 at an event at the Austin, Texas factory. At the same time, the company released a series of images and detailed information about the electric pickup truck.

Accordingly, Cybertruck has a towing capacity of 4,990 kg, acceleration time 0-97 km/h in just 2.6 seconds in the strongest version. In addition, with a trunk 1,828 mm long and 1,219 mm wide, the car can carry up to 1,134 kg.

Faster than a Porsche 911

Video: Tesla

The electric vehicle sector has undergone a seismic shift with the introduction of the Tesla Cybertruck, a groundbreaking addition to the electric car landscape. Cybertruck, Tesla’s foray into the pickup truck segment, has stirred up the auto industry with its promise of outstanding performance, especially challenging the conventions of speed and power traditionally associated with sports cars like the Porsche 911.

At first glance, juxtaposing a powerful, utilitarian pickup truck with the sleek agility of a Porsche 911 might seem out of place. However, Tesla’s relentless pursuit of innovation has broken stereotypes. The Cybertruck’s three-motor configuration, combined with Tesla’s proprietary technology, has delivered incredible acceleration numbers, putting it on par with sports car performance. With the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in breathtaking time frames, the Cybertruck is redefining expectations of what an electric pickup truck can achieve.

The Cybertruck’s acceleration statistics are nothing short of amazing. In some variants, its blistering acceleration times have been touted as being able to rival, if not exceed, the venerable Porsche 911. Such an achievement represents a paradigm shift, demonstrating that speed and raw power are no longer exclusive to traditional high-performance sports cars but can also be harnessed in the rugged chassis of an electric pickup truck.

Tesla’s relentless focus on innovation goes beyond mere acceleration. The Cybertruck’s aerodynamic design, reminiscent of a vehicle from a futuristic sci-fi movie, contributes significantly to its performance. The sleek, angular exterior is more than just aesthetics; it’s a testament to Tesla’s commitment to efficiency and speed. This design feature optimizes the truck’s drag coefficient, allowing it to glide through the air with minimal resistance, further enhancing acceleration and top speed.

While the Cybertruck’s speed prowess is impressive, it doesn’t just stop at acceleration. Tesla’s dedication to sustainability and environmentally friendly transportation remains the driving force behind the development of the Cybertruck. The combination of speed, power and environmental consciousness epitomizes Tesla’s mission to revolutionize the auto industry.

In essence, the Tesla Cybertruck’s exceptional acceleration and performance set a new benchmark, challenging conventional notions of speed and power associated with sports cars like the Porsche 911. When As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, the Cybertruck is a testament to Tesla’s relentlessness. pursuing innovation and committed to redefining what is possible in electric vehicles.

To prove this, the company released a video showing the Cybertruck surpassing a 2023 Porsche 911 in an acceleration test on a 402 m straight line despite dragging another 911 behind, in less than 11 seconds. Meanwhile, the German model needs about 11.4 seconds.

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