In the rugged terrain of Paradise Hill, Tony Beets, known as the King of the Klondike, has embarked on a daring venture—a high-stakes treasure hunt that could redefine his entire season. With the promise of the fabled white Channel pay coursing through the claim, Beets is gambling on the potential for a substantial payday. However, realizing the risks inherent in relying solely on one mining cut, Beets strategically diversifies his approach, directing his crew to work on two separate cuts—the nine-acre cold cut and the six-acre blue cut. The quest for 5,000 ounces of gold hinges on these calculated moves.

Tony Beets’ High-Stakes Treasure Hunt:

Tony Beets, known as the King of the Klondike, is undertaking a high-stakes treasure hunt at Paradise Hill, where the fabled white Channel pay runs through the claim, promising a big payday if successfully mined.

Strategic Mining Approach:

To maximize their chances of hitting the 5,000-ounce target, Tony Beets and his crew are working on two cuts – the nine-acre gold cut and the six-acre blue cut. The goal is to diversify and not rely solely on one area for gold extraction.

Mike Beets’ Critical Role:

Tony’s oldest son, Mike Beets, is tasked with opening up the six-acre blue cut by digging through 100 feet of overburden. The crew faces a tight six-day deadline to complete this task and stay ahead of potential challenges in the mining process.

Technical Challenges:

The mining operation encounters technical challenges, including a leaking dozer and the need for a quick repair. The crew must overcome these obstacles to maintain the pace needed to reach the gold-bearing pay in the blue cut.

Gold Production Progress:

Despite challenges, the Beets family manages to extract a significant amount of gold from the cold cut and reaches the pay in the blue cut. The weekly gold haul is weighed, and the results are promising, contributing to Tony Beets’ overall season goal of 5,000 ounces.


As the Beets family faces a series of challenges, from technical malfunctions to tight deadlines, the narrative unfolds with a sense of urgency and determination. The pivotal role of Tony’s son, Mike, becomes evident as he grapples with repairing vital equipment and ensuring the mining operation stays on course. Amidst the trials, the family’s tenacity prevails, culminating in a promising gold haul from both cuts. The journey towards the elusive white Channel Gold continues, and with each obstacle overcome, the Beets family inches closer to their ambitious season goal. The Klondike’s gold-rich landscape becomes the stage for a saga of resilience and resourcefulness, capturing the essence of the high-stakes world of gold mining in the heart of Paradise Hill. NEXT

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