New photos released by Bugatti give us a detailed close-up look at the interior of the super product Bolide, a racing car designed based on the Chiron, with limited production numbers and sky-high value.

Bugatti Bolide is a hypercar model for racing, first introduced in October 2020. This super product is only produced in a limited quantity of 40 pieces globally, with a price of each piece up to 4.7 million USD (114.5 billion VND). From the first day of launch, all cars were ordered.

With such a sky-high price and very small production numbers, of course most people in the world will never have the opportunity to admire the interior or sit behind the wheel of the Bugatti Bolide. However, Bugatti recently released the Bolide’s interior images for the first time.

Despite being based on the Chiron platform, the Bolide looks very different inside as it takes inspiration from the world of modern motorsport. When sitting in the driver’s seat, in front of the driver is a unique X-shaped steering wheel, with integrated function keys on both sides. The driving meter screen is divided into three parts, displaying many important parameters for racers such as lap time and G-force.

The air conditioning vents are designed in a round shape, inspired by this car’s 4 exhaust system. On the right hand side of the driver is a series of buttons for basic functions in the center console, including two large red buttons for emergencies, “Stop” and “Fire”.

Bugatti says the Bolide not only looks like a race car – despite being a million times better finished than any car in the world today – but also feels like a genuine race car. The carbon monocoque is new and designed so that the driver’s heels are placed much higher than on the Chiron, providing a riding position that Le Mans participants will recognize.

The sports chair has a frame made of carbon material with 4 optional sizes, mounted directly on the chassis system, to reduce weight to the maximum extent. The outer pads of the backrest and headrest open with the doors, allowing easier entry and exit from the vehicle. To have the most comfortable sitting position on the Bolide, the driver will adjust the steering wheel and pedals, instead of the seat position like conventional car models. Other areas in the cabin of this model are covered with blue Alcantara leather and carbon fiber.

Bugatti Bolide is powered by an 8.0L W16 engine with a capacity of 1,577 horsepower and maximum torque of up to 1,600 Nm. Power is transmitted to all four wheels through an electronically controlled AWD drive system capable of distributing traction to each wheel differently.

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