40 Bugattis have been produced and have been handed over to willing owners. Almost out of the 40 cars shipped, there are very few cars with the same color scheme. Each Divo represents the owner’s own aesthetic eye as well as carrying very “unique” details. There are cars that are shipped from the factory with basic, simple color schemes, but there are cars that come to owners with elaborate exterior finishes, even costing up to millions of dollars.

Creating cars with impressive color schemes is not difficult for Bugatti – the world’s leading Hypercar brand with many years of ups and downs in history. Let’s look back at the 5 most impressive color combinations on the Bugatti Divo – an extremely expensive Hypercar model with limited production:

Bugatti Divo “Lady Bug”

The Bugatti Divo “Lady Bug” is probably the most expensive Divo among the 40 produced because the most elaborate exterior paint job costs up to approximately $1 million. The owner, an American car collector, wanted his Divo to have geometric patterns surrounding diamond-shaped motifs with unique color contrasts. Bugatti’s design and development team then began developing special colors ‘Customer Special Red’ and ‘Graphite’ both metallic tones to achieve a contrasting effect for the car’s exterior paint. The diamond patterns are designed to run around the car from the front through the sides to the rear and match the shape of the Divo.

It took the development team more than a year and a half to find and implement technical and graphical solutions. However, painting diamond patterns on the car body with precision and precision is not simple to get an accurate, detailed and sophisticated look down to every line. This difficulty is due to the fact that the patterns designed on CAD do not resemble reality: due to Divo’s three-dimensional sculptural form with contours, curves and veins, the 2D printed diamonds become distorted on the surface of the Hypercar. They had to use patterned films to stick around the body of the car to help transform the design of the Lady Bug. With patience, ingenuity and skilled skill, the designers finally found a way to match CAD data to reality and stretch film strips over deeply concave surfaces without causing metallic patterns. deformed erection.

The Divo Lady Bug was an especially difficult challenge for the engineering and design team. However, the value that this exterior coat brings is undeniable because this is not an ordinary paint layer but also the sophistication, meticulousness and creativity of the development team from the brand. Bugatti invested in this expensive masterpiece.

Bugatti Divo “Zeus”

Bugatti Divo “Zeus” is also one of the cars for the US market. Although the car’s exterior is not as special as the Divo Lady Bug, with an exterior finished in bright Metallic Silver combined with white details to create highlights, the car still makes a strong impression on enthusiasts. car enthusiasts around the world. Combined with the bright silver exterior are carbon details finished in a distinct dark blue color. The car’s wheels are also painted dark blue similar to the carbon details on the exterior and carefully Diamond Cut. It is these details that make the difference for the Divo nicknamed “Zeus”.

Bugatti Divo with rough blue carbon coat

This Divo has a seemingly simple exterior color scheme, but in fact, almost all details on the car’s exterior are finished with a rough carbon surface. This is one of the few Divos with a monotonous exterior color scheme among the 40 cars produced. Exterior details such as the body, doors, etc. are all finished with a colored carbon surface called “Royal Blue Carbon Matte”. This rough blue carbon material is also used throughout on details such as the spoiler, the car’s tires and the car’s rear diffuser. This Divo is also equipped with dark blue Diamond Cut wheels similar to the wheel details on the Divo “Zeus”. This Divo is also one of the cars produced for customers in the US market.

Bugatti Divo is inspired by the French Flag

Although inspired by the three main colors of the French flag including red, white, and blue, this Divo was ordered by Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, a member of the Royal Family in Qatar. . The car has a simple dark gray exterior but is coordinated with two red and blue stripes along the car. These two color lines start at the two air vents on the front hood of the car and gradually radiate to the sides on the roof of the car. The air vents in the front wheel wells are also decorated with the three colors of the French National Flag. The most special feature of this car is the colorful interior with white, blue, dark blue and red leather materials resembling the colors of the French National Flag as well as Bugatti’s signature colorful colors. Details such as the car’s seats or the steering wheel are also combined with striking colors and mixed traditional leather and Alcantara materials.


Bugatti Divo with Grenadine color coat

This Bugatti Divo is finished with a matte Grenadine plum red exterior. This paint color can have different color shades depending on the viewing angle or light. Of the 40 units produced, this is the only Divo to leave the factory with this different paint color. Besides this special coat, some details such as the front tire of the car or the color lines on the body of the car are finished in glossy plum red. In addition, carbon details on the car body such as mirror covers, side skirts or carbon details on the front bumper are finished in charcoal blue. The car also has an interior compartment with two separate colors, with the driver’s seat finished with Italian Red Alcantara leather and the passenger seat finished with Rafale Gray leather.

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