In the 90s of the 20th century, Lamborghini Diablo was the dream car of many people. In particular, the VT Roadster version is one of the rarest models of this car line. Recently, a 1999 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster was put on the auction floor and is attracting the attention of unique car collectors.

Auctioned through RM Sotheby’s, this Lamborghini is in excellent condition, despite being created decades ago compared to more modern Lamborghinis like the Sian Roadster. This supercar was built near the end of Diablo production, is said to be one of only 200 VT Roadsters ever produced and is also among a few dozen destined for the North American market.

The Diablo was a stunning car when it first appeared in 1990 and was a truly suitable replacement for the highly successful Countach. Since the Diablo’s production run only lasted until 2001, this particular model up for auction was built right near the end of the Diablo’s life cycle and has just 18,716 miles (over 30,000 km) on the car’s ODO.

The Diablo has a mid-engine layout angled towards the rear in true supercar style and is powered by an aluminum 5.7-liter V12 engine. Initially, power was transmitted only to the rear wheels in early cars, but the appearance of the “Viscous Traction” all-wheel drive system in the Diablo VT version completely changed the game. Equipped with a differential inherited from the LM002, the Diablo VT’s drive system can divide up to 40% of torque to the front wheels, helping the vehicle grip the road more effectively in some cases operating at high speeds. height.

A roadster version of the Diablo was launched at the Bologna Motor Show in December 1995, with the VT version featuring a redesigned windshield, air intake and rear bumper. New windows feature beveled door glass and the entire package features new OZ Racing alloy wheels. This 1999 model received even more upgrades, including fixed lights with composite lenses. The V12’s output has been increased to 529 horsepower thanks to a retuned variable valve timing system, while braking efficiency has been increased through a Kelsey-Hayes anti-lock braking system and larger Brembo discs.

This model is finished in the extremely rare Titanium Silver exterior paint, comes with 18-inch chrome-plated OZ Racing alloy wheels and has a pre-installed rear spoiler. The interior features black leather seats and a 220 mph speedometer. 

In the near future, hopefully this car model will be successfully auctioned and find a suitable new owner.

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